Where’s the steak?

I ran across this news article this morning  that speaks to how we sell our grass fed beef and some of the issues with eating just steaks.

Ranch-to-table trend has some diners asking: where’s the steak?

We all agree that steak is delicious, I cooked a couple for dinner last week and the smell was enough to make me want two more than I had stuck in the oven. But in our household, steak is a special occasion meal. That’s because, most of the meat you get out of a side of beef isn’t good enough to be made into steak or roasts, and so it becomes ground beef. I have a long list of ground beef recipes posted, because: what’s an adventurous cook supposed to do when she has a freezer full of pound after pound of ground beef, except get creative.

We like to sell orders that have a high proportion of ground beef in them for exactly this reason, because we get between 50-60% ground beef back from the butcher, and only about 15% steak.

Our beef sales are a very small part of our bigger farming operation and we don’t have the facilities or the resources to be able to market ground beef the way the grocery store does. We encourage our customers to branch out into ground beef and save the steaks for a special occasion. Just one more of the differences you’ll encounter when you support local farmers.