Real food has flavour

Today’s episode of “The Current” on CBC Radio featured an interview with Mark Schatzker, author of The Dorito Effect.

Schatzker claims that we’re biologically programmed to like food that tastes delicious, but in the interest of increased productivity, agriculture has sacrificed flavour. Before the advent of industrial agriculture in the 50’s, foods that were the most delicious, were also the healthiest. Now, we’re left with bland healthy foods, and scientists who manufacture that flavour in a lab and add it to Doritos (and pop, and fast food, and even sometimes, pump it into chicken before it goes to the slaughterhouse).

Schatzker advocates for an agricultural shift that would use the same science that increased yields to increase flavour. But in the meantime, he thinks that heirloom, grass fed, and naturally raised foods do taste better. And that probably means they’re better for you too.

We notice a big difference between the taste of our beef and the USDA beef you can buy at the grocery store. Ours actually tastes like something. No need for steak sauce here!

It’s an interesting segment, have a listen:

Mark Schatzker: Our flavourless food leads to unhealthy cravings