How we price our beef

We’ve arrived at our pricing system by carefully tracking how many pounds of each cut we get from an animal, to be able to provide a cost effective price for a premium product. This price is based on a standard mix of steaks (high value beef) roasts (mid value beef) and ground beef (lower value beef). If you dislike or do not want steaks, for example, we could lower the price per pound on a custom box without steak put together to your specifications.  If you tell us what cuts you would like, we can let you know pricing on a smaller custom order.

The beef we are selling is a premium beef.  We run a closed herd, where all animals are born and raised in our own barn, with direct care provided by our family.  They never receive any antibiotics or hormones at any point in their lives.  They are always allowed free access to both shelter and the outdoors and free choice hay and water at all times.  The hay is all certified organic, grown on our own farm, and cut and baled ourselves.  They can eat as much or as little as they want, enjoy outdoor weather or shelter from the wind inside, all at their own choice.  We run a small herd, only 40 cows, so the animals are never crowded.  Animals are regularly handled so they are not stressed by being around people.  We aim for the best tasting beef, instead of the cheapest, so our steers are typically kept for over 3 years; this is more expensive, but a more mature animal has much better flavour and texture.

These practices are not industry standard, and the reason is because they cost more money.  The average producer uses hormones because their animals grow faster.  They crowd them into yards to lower their capital costs.  They buy GMO feed because they don’t have time or the resources to grow their own.  We do none of these things, and so our beef is more expensive than the USDA ground beef in the grocery store.